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$ traceroute --help
BusyBox v1.12.4 (2010-05-31 07:47:35 CEST) multi-call binary

Usage: traceroute [-FIldnrv] [-f 1st_ttl] [-m max_ttl] [-p port#] [-q nqueries]
	[-s src_addr] [-t tos] [-w wait] [-g gateway] [-i iface]
	[-z pausemsecs] HOST [data size]

Trace the route to HOST

	-F	Set the don't fragment bit
	-I	Use ICMP ECHO instead of UDP datagrams
	-l	Display the ttl value of the returned packet
	-d	Set SO_DEBUG options to socket
	-n	Print hop addresses numerically rather than symbolically
	-r	Bypass the normal routing tables and send directly to a host
	-v	Verbose
	-m max_ttl	Max time-to-live (max number of hops)
	-p port#	Base UDP port number used in probes
			(default is 33434)
	-q nqueries	Number of probes per 'ttl' (default 3)
	-s src_addr	IP address to use as the source address
	-t tos		Type-of-service in probe packets (default 0)
	-w wait		Time in seconds to wait for a response
			(default 3 sec)
	-g		Loose source route gateway (8 max)



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