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Was auf der Seite mit den Firmware-Versionen nicht klar wird, ist die Frage, ob ich aus einer 'Annex B' box durch das flashen mit einer 'Annex A' firmware eine 'Annex A' box machen kann. Geht das? --Alex 22:38, 10 August 2007 (CEST)

Problems with USB drive

Hello, *

I have an FB 7270, with 54.04.57 firmware. It works all-right, and I can connect a USb stick, and see it working. However, I also have an IOMEGA HDD (300G), and it connected once, maybe under the previous software (not sure about that), but it does not connect right now. The light keeps flashing, but the device never becomes visible. I have had the same problem when changing from slackware 12.0 to 12.1; it was the main reason why I went back to 12.0 (kernel There I saw a continuous stream of messages like "device not accepting address 1" ...2,3,.. 127, 1.. , at regular intervals. When I got back to 12.0, the device became usable again.

So I suspect that the kernel version is an issue here. I am not saying that the USB drive or the filesystem on it are perfect-- in fact, I have strong suspicions that it is not, but nevertheless I would think it should be readable. It is under the old Slackware kernel, not under the new one. And it is not readable any longer under the present FB software: it does not even connect.

Anyone any ideas?